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Welcome to HP vibsdepot! This is a one-stop repository that provides access to HP developed bundles along with device drivers that are part of the HP Customized VMware images. These bundles and associated vibs can be used with VMware applications and tools like VMware Update Manager (VUM), ESXCLI and Image Builder. To learn more about these tools, refer to the VMware documentation link.

The "Getting Started" link on the top panel describes how to effectively use vibsdepot.

The "Downloads" link on the top panel will allow you to directory browse and download from groupings that correspond to HP Customized VMware image releases.

Current HP ProLiant server and option firmware and driver support recipe document (PDF 1.2MB)

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Getting Started with HP Customized images

VMware ESXi is a "bare metal" full-function hypervisor solution from VMware. It is highly secure, has a small footprint, and is set to be the long-term hypervisor platform for future VMware releases. We are committed to continue making HP ProLiant servers and the supported infrastructure the best platform for hosting VMware ESXi. As part of this commitment, we provide HP Customized VMware images that integrate the VMware ESXi base image with support for advanced ProLiant features for a seamless deployment experience. HP Customized VMware images simplify configuring and deploying the ESXi hypervisor.

Certain ProLiant servers require using a custom image to run the ESXi hypervisor. Using the custom images on other ProLiant servers is optional but highly recommended. To determine if your server requires the HP Custom Image, refer to the HP server support matrix.

To get started with the HP Customized VMware image, see the HP VMware ESXi and vSphere 5.X and 6.X and Updates Getting Started Guide (PDF 221KB) and the HP custom ESXi images for ProLiant servers Technical White Paper (PDF 170KB).

For information on the contents of the HP Customized VMware images use the HP customized image contents link.

To download the HP Customized VMware images, use the HP customized VMware image downloads link

For additional downloads, please refer to the HP and VMware Image and HP Application Downloads links below.

For more information on the HP and VMware Alliance Partner Solution, see the HP and VMware Alliance Partner Solution link

For more information on the HP ProLiant Servers with VMware, see the HP Proliant Servers with VMware link


HP and VMware Image and HP Application Downloads

Support Information

*** IMPORTANT INFORMATION *** The ProLiant Gen8 and newer servers require the use of the HP Customized image for a successful installation. The drivers for the new network and storage controllers in the Gen8 and newer servers are integrated in the HP Customized image and are not part of the generic ESXi image that is distributed by VMware. ESXi requires drivers for these key controllers to be integrated in the base image. You will not be prompted to install key drivers during the installation process for ESXi.


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